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Lightning Storm E-books

Lightning Fire is an e-book series that I wrote and illustrated with my lightning and storm photographs. These are in depth Bible studies that show the original Hebrew meanings of keywords, as well as the culture at the time of Christ’s ministry on earth. The mysteries and secrets of the Bible are revealed, and will enrich your understanding of God’s word. Many end time revelations are also explored in these books. Dozens of lightning photos taken in the Sonoran Desert complement these easy to read books, making them the equivalent of beautiful coffee table books for your computer, tablet or iphone.

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Ann Post is an artist, author, and nature photographer. As an artist, she works primarily in oil painting, graphite pencil, and bronze sculpture. Born in New Market, England, she grew up in Tucson, Arizona, where she studied Fine Arts at the University of Arizona.

As one of the founding members of The Horse Artist’s Association, which she and a few of her colleagues created back in the 1970’s, she helped make equine art the recognized genre it is today.

Her paintings of spirited horses caught in turbulent storms evoke an emotional response that draws people into the painting. They may only speak to a few souls, but to those individuals, her paintings are captivating and stirring, in an inexplicable way. They resonate deep within their spirit, and move them, stimulate them, and inspire them. Those who have had to weather the storms of life, these are the people who respond to her work.

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